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Joan K. Lacy is a weaver of words, ancient cultures, mysteries and adventures. Raised in the country outside San Diego, an adventurous spirit encouraged her to take every opportunity to explore all this fascinating world has to offer. Joan now combines her love for archaeology, history, and fantasy fiction with her active imagination to create a world filled with all sorts of magic and adventure. You wont want to miss Alex Cort and his friends on their many adventures.

Book One in the Alex Cort Adventure Series

A Shadow Away

When British archaeologist Andrew Seaton discovers a jewel-encrusted golden statue, he realizes he may have uncovered the key to the lost city of El Dorado. The statue disappears before he can verify his findings, and Andrew must rely on private detective Alex Cort to recover the prized artifact.

The two men find themselves caught up in a dangerous race against a corrupt colleague and a ruthless art thief who will stop at nothing to claim the statue for themselves.

As each new clue leads them up the Amazon River and deeper into the jungle, they soon discover things are not quite what they appear. When all seems lost, the mystical powers of a beautiful woman guide them out of danger and ultimately to the ruins of an ancient city, where Andrew must right the wrongs he committed in a past life and Alex discovers a secret of his own.

Fans of magical realism authors like Madeleine LEngle who wrote A Wrinkle in Time; Lisa Tuttle who wrote The Silver Bough; or Sonya Deanna Terry who wrote Epiphany, will love the world of Alex Corts first adventure. If youre a fan of A Wrinkle in TimeIndiana Jones, and a quest like the Lord of the Rings, the race to the finish will have you clamoring for more.

Reviews and Endorsements for A Shadow Away

The plot is really good, I loved the characters and the story line. It really got me.

Andreea Bindea, Reviewer on NetGalley



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